SCNC3111 Frontiers of Science Honours Seminar Course

SCNC3111 Frontiers of Science Honours Seminar Course (6 credits)

Pre-requisites: Pass in SCNC1111, SCNC1112, and a level 2 science course. Students who participated or will participate in ORF/SRF must take this course.

Every year, 6 award-winning professors from different departments will be featured in the honours seminar course, the 1st such course offered by the Faculty. You will have a chance to learn about their research. Why are they interested in this particular research topic? How did they come up with their research ideas?

Worry about understanding their research? No worries, our lecturers will provide and teach their research background before professors’ research talk.

Let’s learn how professors from different fields tackle their research problems!!! Space is limited. Don’t miss your chance to interact with our award-winning professors and broaden your scientific horizons.

On successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. describe and discuss in an informed manner the fields of research of some of our research professors;
  2. identify how professors with different scientific training solve their research problems;
  3. apply literature search skills to identify and develop a research topic;
  4. practice and master scientific writing and presentation skills;
  5. demonstrate interpersonal skills in collaborating with their peers in a scientific setting;
  6. devise a research proposal and evaluate their peers’ works

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