Declaration of Major/Minor

As you are not required to declare your major (or minor) in the first year, you can try out courses that suit your academic interests before you commit to a particular major. You have to declare your primary Science major online during the course selection period in August before the start of your third year of study, the latest. However, even if you have declared your major/minor, you can still change it as long as the online course selection system is opened in the 1st semester of your last academic year for graduation. You should take ultimate responsibility to ensure that you have enough time to fulfil the curriculum requirements of a particular major, as well as the pre-requisite and co-requisites of selected courses are fulfilled when you consider changing your major.

You should also note that if you fail to fulfill the course requirement of at least one Science major (out of the 16 Science majors), you are not eligible for graduation. If you fail to fulfill the non-primary major or the minor(s) upon graduation, such major or minor(s) will be deleted automatically from record and you will then have only the primary major listed in the transcript.

Some non-Science faculties may set a minimum requirement for their majors and minors offered. You should check with the relevant Faculty for the detailed requirements.