Capstone Requirement

Capstone experience is an integral part of the major programme which focuses on integration and application of knowledge and skills gained in the early years of study. Students must complete this for fulfillment of the graduation requirements. The capstone course carries a minimum of 6 credits and is normally taken in the senior years (year 3 or 4) of study.  The earliest that a student is allowed to take a capstone course is their year 3 study, after the completion of at least 24 credits of advanced level (level 3 or above) courses in the major/programme*.  The capstone courses in each Science major may be different but a range of courses (e.g. research project, seminar, field work, internship and capstone project) is offered to suit individual student’s needs and interests. Check the Faculty website for the capstone courses available in each major/programme.

If a student takes the second major in Science and the capstone experience in the first major / professional core programme requires the integration or application of knowledge from both the first major / professional core programme and second major, he/she may apply for exemption from taking a capstone course in the second (Science) major. In this case, students have to complete the application form which can be downloaded from and seek the written endorsement from the Major Coordinator of both the first major / professional core programme and the second major (contact details can be found at the back of the application form) and then return it to the Faculty Office for approval by the deadline of course selection or add/drop periods. If such application is approved, students have to take a 6-credit advanced level disciplinary elective course in the second (Science) major to fulfill the credit requirement of the capstone experience.

*Each capstone course may have different pre-requisite requirements, please refer to the individual capstone course for the details

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