Other Assistances

In addition to academic advising, the various units in the University may offer assistance to students with different needs: 

CEDARS – Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE)
Offers various Person Enrichment workshops and programmes for students to develop various competence and abilities. These programmes include learning strategies, creativity and lateral thinking, critical self-reflection; interpersonal skills for establishing relationship with others; communication and collaboration; leadership skills. Individual counselling services are also available, not solely for students who suffer from mental illness or serious psychological distress but also for exploring, nurturing and developing students’ adaptabilities, coping abilities, functionality and potential.


Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building
Tel: 3917 8388
Email: cedars-cope@hku.hk  

CEDARS – Student Development
Runs a wide range of activities and services for students covering: Building a University Culture of Diversity; Global Citizenship; Careers Education; Leadership Development; Provision of Educational Funding Sources; Service Learning.


Room 146, Main Building
Tel: 2857 8387
Email: cedars-programmes@hku.hk

CEDARS – Campus Life
Offers services concerning students’ accommodation, amenities, catering finances, student visas, student societies and activities.


3/F, Meng Wah Complex
Tel: 2859 2305
Email: cedars@hku.hk

CEDARS – Careers & Placement
Offers services related to campus recruitment: Job Posting; Selection Exercise Preparation; Placement and Careers Coaching for New Graduates; Internship (Hong Kong, Mainland China and Overseas); Faculty Based Careers Programmes; One-on-One Career Consultation; Graduate Employment Survey; Industrial Talks and Workshops.


3/F, Meng Wah Complex
Tel: 2859 2317
Email: careers@hku.hk

University Health Service (UHS) 
The UHS is an on-campus clinic providing health care services to members of the university.


2/F & 3/F, Meng Wah Complex
Tel: 2549 4686 (medical), 2859 2511 (dental)
Email: uhealth@hku.hk