Academic Advising

The Academic Advisory System of the Faculty is needed to assist students' transition from secondary school to university and to offer students timely advice and guidance on selection of courses and majors that suit their needs. The Advisory Office in the Faculty consists of the Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Administrative Assistant, Academic Advisers, and Departmental Course Selection Advisers, and together with other student bodies and departments in the University collectively provide guidance to students on academic-related issues.

Academic Advising System of the University:

Courtesy: Academic Advising Office

Academic Advising System of the Faculty:

 Two Tiers of Advising

(a) Information-based Advising

Handbook for BSc &
BSc(ActuarSc) Students

Tips for Choosing Your Major

BSc Syllabuses

Induction Day for Freshmen Consultation Session for BSc II or above Students Staff Handbook for UG Academic Advising (internal access only)

(b) Personal Academic Advising

Academic Advisory Office

Academic Advisers

Course Selection Advisers

Student Peer Advisers