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Mathematical and Statistical Science

Research Groups in the Mathematical & Statistical Science

The eight research groups within our Research Division are as follows:


Mathematics Graph



Professor CHEUNG Wing Sum, Dr. HUA Zheng, Professor LU Jianghua, Professor MOK Ngai Ming, Professor NG Tuen Wai,

Complex Geometry



The current research foci are differential and algebraic geometry, symplectic and Poisson geometry, and several complex variables.

Cyber Lock



Dr. HUI Chun Yin, Dr. KANE Benjamin Robert, Professor LAU Yuk Kam, Dr. ZHANG Xin

table of prime numbers




The current research foci are automorphic and modular forms, L-functions and analytic number theory.

These two (GEOMETRY and NUMBER THEORY) research groups have outputs in many top mathematical journals during the assessment period, such as Annals of Mathematics, J. Differential Geom., Compos. Math., Adv. Math., PNAS, J. Math. Pures Appl., Trans. AMS, Selecta Mathematica, and Intern. Math. Res. Notices.

There are extensive interactions between the two groups and we aim to further strengthen both by developing intersection areas (e.g. representation theory, arithmetic and algebraic geometry).


Image of a polygon of Optimisation



Professor CHING Wai Ki, Dr. QU Zheng, Dr. WONG Tak Kwong, Professor YUAN Xiaoming, Professor ZANG Wenan

the Petersen graph



The research foci are integer polyhedra, algorithm design, quantitative finance, large-scale and data-driven optimization problems and machine learning.

Imaging of Imaging Science


Professor CHING Wai Ki, Professor HAN Guangyue, Dr. LI Guanglian, Professor NG Michael Kwok Po, Dr. WANG Yating, Professor YUAN Xiaoming, Dr. ZHANG Zhiwen

Image of Uncertainty Quantification


The research foci are scientific computing, imaging sciences, tensor computation, numerical linear algebra, computational complexity, and information theory.

As leading figures in the field, members in these two (OPTIMIZATION AND OPERATIONS RESEARCH and COMPUTATIOANL MATHEMATICS) research groups have published papers in top-tier applied mathematics journals during the assessment period, including Math. Oper. Res., Math. Programming, J. Combin. Theory Ser. B, SIAM J. Numer. Analysis, SIAM J. Optimization, SIAM J. Imag. Sci., SIAM J. Computing, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl, Omega, Automatica, IEEE Trans. N. Networks, IEEE Inform. Theory, IEEE Trans. Signal Process., and J. Differential Equations.



image of econometrics



Dr. CHEUNG Ka Chun, Professor HAN Guangyue,  Professor LI Guodong, Dr. WANG Chen, Dr. WONG Jeff T.Y., Professor YANG Hailiang, Professor YAO Jeff Jianfeng, Professor YUEN Kam Chuen, Dr. ZHU Ke

Image of  natural disasters


The group has major strengths and plays a world leading role in nonlinear time series, time varying conditional variance (GARCH) models, large random matrices, ruin probability, and dependent insurance risk. These areas are highly relevant to Hong Kong due to its status as an international financial centre; thus the research output can directly enhance industrial collaborations and consultancy in risk management and actuarial science.

Medical Statistics


Professor FUNG Tony Wing Kam, Professor LEE Stephen Man Sing, Dr. XU Jinfeng, Dr. ZHANG Dora Yan

AI Web


The group has major strengths in distribution theory, resampling methods, multivariate analysis, and ranking and selection problems.


Professor FUNG Tony Wing Kam, Dr. LAM Kwok Fai, Dr. LIU Zhonghua, Dr. XU Jinfeng, Professor YIN Guosheng, Dr. ZHANG Dora Yan

The group has strengths in DNA forensic, clinical trials, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, epidemiology, human genetics, and cytogenetics.

Members of the above three statistics (STOCHASTIC AND ACTURARIAL MODELLING, STATISTICAL METHODOLOGIES, and BIOSTATISTICS AND SOCIAL STATISTICS) research groups are very active and have amassed publications in top-tier statistics and econometrics journals during the assessment period, including J. American Stat. Assoc., Ann. Stat., J. Royal Stat. Soc. Series B, Biometrika, J. Econometrics, and Automatica.



Big Data Graphic


Dr. CAO Yuan, Professor LI Guodong, Professor NG Michael Kwok Po, Professor YIN Guosheng, Dr. YU Lequan, Dr. ZHANG Michael Minyi, Dr. ZHUANG Lina

The group was founded in 2017, focusing on big data analytics, data mining, spatial data analysis, network data models, machine learning (ML), and AI. This group mainly draws strengths from the three statistics research groups, and the optimization and computational mathematics groups, while also actively recruiting new members in relevant areas (e.g. computer vision, natural language processing (NLP)). Publications from this group include in J. Machine Learning Research, NIPS, ICML, AAAI, IJCAI, ACL (top computer science, AI, ML, NLP conferences, which typically have less than 20% acceptance rates). Extensive collaborations have been established with government and industry, including the HKSAR Highways Department, MTR Corporation Limited, Hospital Authority, Huawei, Suoxinda Company, Wing Lung Bank, and China Light and Power.