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Mathematical and Statistical Science

International and Industrial Partnerships of Mathematical & Statistical Science

The University of Hong Kong


The University of Hong Kong is the most international university in the world in 2019.


The Division has a network of strong international collaborations as evidenced through co-author affiliations on research outputs, Co-I and collaborator relationships on grant proposals, and other long-term collaborative relationships.


Pen with a textbook and notebook


We strive to be one of the top research centres for several key research areas in mathematics and statistics. This requires sustained international engagement and a continual flow though Research Division of the highest quality researchers.

We build further international alliances, to engage with researchers at all levels from the best institutions around the world; establish a sabbatical research programme to support visitors; and set up interdisciplinary research teams to collaborate with researchers from the other disciplines and industry.



he 4th Sino-Russian Conference in Mathematics

The 4th Sino-Russian Conference in Mathematics.

The Division has established strong partnerships with many top centres of mathematical research in the USA, Europe and Asia, e.g., Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (France), Mathematical Science Research Institute (USA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS, China) and Steklov Mathematical Institute (Russia).


In 2018, the Research Division, together with CAS and the Steklov Mathematical Institute, organized the 4th Sino-Russian Conference in Mathematics.


In 2021, the Research Division signed a MOU with School of Data Science, Fudan University to strengthen a strategic research collaboration in the fields of big data and data science.

DOWNLOAD POSTER View Programme of the MOU and the Workshop 


Members of the Division have extensive collaborations with top universities in the world, e.g. ground breaking work by N. Mok, J. Pila (Oxford) and J. Tsimerman (U. Toronto) on the Ax-Schanuel theorem for a general (pure) Shimura variety. Through collaborations with leading mathematicians and statisticians (e.g. Y. Siu and L. Wei from Harvard, T. Lai from Stanford and E. Zelmanov from UC San Diego (Fields Medalist), the leading visitors provide advice on our research development.


A cloud raining big data


For interdisciplinary research, we have established several initiatives with the Faculty of Science and industry.

Eight PhD students have been funded by industry (TCL Corporation) for conducting artificial intelligence (AI) research.

The Big Data Research Cluster (BDRC) has been established in the Faculty of Science funded by a donation, to provide a platform to promote and facilitate collaborations of big data research across UoAs. Current projects include big data in astronomy, biology and education, and the investigators come from the Division and other Divisions and departments.  

We also collaborate with the Hospital Authority and the MTR Corporation for big data research projects.