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Molecular and Cell Biology

Research Division for Molecular & Cell Biology

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The Research Division for Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB) is one of the six strategic research divisions in the Faculty of Science at HKU. These pages provide some basic insights into our research activities, our staff members and expertise, our facilities, recent research successes and impacts on society.


This research area focuses on the biology of bioactive peptides in different models and systems.

There are 19 key members in the group working on of 2 interrelated research themes:

  1. Bioactive peptides and energy and water homeostasis,
  2. Bioactive peptides and cell division and adhesion.

Using disease models for hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and reproduction, members of this research area seek to develop and screen innovative peptide agonists and antagonists as therapeutic interventions to these diseases. Moreover, we have researchers actively working on the field of food security and nutrition, and plant biotechnology.


Members within the group also provide support to each other via sharing generic skills, bioinformatics and systems biology platforms for generating genuine and long-lasting collaborations. The group has been highly productive in publications in relevant and high impact journals as well as extremely successfully in securing external grant with funding over 50 million HKD in the past.