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Earth and Planetary Science

Research Strategy of Earth & Planetary Science

Our research is ultimately driven two chief objectives: to serve society through high impact science and to provide fundamental advances of knowledge that will illuminate the future. We pursue these objectives through research that is broadly focused in three categories: Applied Geosciences, Solid Earth and Planetary Geosciences], and Earth History and Global Change.


Within these domains, our strategy is to strongly align our development of facilities and pursuit of new technologies with staff hiring and development in a way that will meet our evolving science challenges in the near future.


Geoscience with rock and blue sea


Our Applied Geosciences group focuses on various elements of Urban Geology and Ocean Sciences.


We use fundamental geological research to inform policy issues, development plans, conservation and sustainability strategies, and technology development for remote sensing applications.

Mineral Stone

The Solid Earth and Planetary Geoscience group is focused on understanding evolution of the Earth’s crust with regard to mineral resources, and the evolution of plate tectonics globally and especially within Asia.


Through mathematical models, analog studies and remote sensing, we study the geophysics, mineralogy, volcanology and astrobiology of other planets.



Our Earth History and Global Change group aims to understand the characteristics of Earth’s climate in deep time, how the climate evolved with the Earth.


We seek to understand critical drivers of modern climate and to characterize how climate affects coastal processes, marine geochemistry and weathering-feedback processes.