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Research Divisions

Research Division for Earth and Planetary Science



Planet Earth


The Research Division for Earth and Planetary Science is one of the six strategic research divisions in the Faculty of Science at HKU. These pages provide some basic insights into our research activities, our staff members and expertise, our facilities, recent research successes and impacts on society.

The more scientists understand about the Earth, the clearer it becomes that we are all part of an amazingly complex geo-biosystem. From the core of the planet to the mantle, the crust, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and magnetosphere, scientist continue to find amazing fundamental linkages among critical processes affecting our world.

Our mission in DEPS is to explore our global geosystem in order to understand how this planet and other planets function inside and out, from lithosphere to hydrosphere to atmosphere to magnetosphere. The tools we use include modeling and quantitative analyses, advanced laboratory geochemistry, spectroscopy and remote sensing and field geology in some of the most remote corners of the globe.