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Outreach for High Schools

Campus Visit

HKU School

We welcome you to visit our campus and facilities!

Secondary school groups are welcome to visit our campus, to see our facilities, and to have a taste of university life. Science-rich talks and fun-filled programmes are designed to arouse students’ interests in science.


*Campus visit will not be arranged in 2020-21 due to the unpredictable development of COVID-19.

Capacity For Each Visit

Around 30 - 40 students/group


Two Types of Campus Visits

There are 2 types of Campus Visits, (i) General Visit and (ii) Departmental Visit.



General Visit flow

(i) General Visit

  • Around 2.5 hours
  • Including buffer and travelling, and two 30-minute departmental visits
Departmental Visit Flow

(ii) Departmental Visit

  • Around 2.5 hours
  • Including a 60 to 90-minute departmental visit


Facilities Provided by Each Department/School for Campus Visit:

School of Biological Sciences       School of Biomedical Sciences       Department of Chemistry       Department of Earth Sciences       Department of Mathematics       Department of Physics       Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science


School of Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences Laboratory

Biological museum

Biological Museum

School of Biomedical Sciences



Accuracy and precision, seeing the DNA strands, and seeing science in color



  • Transgenic technology (viewing of green fluorescence protein (GFP) mice and mouse skeleton model)
  • Cancer cells viewing from microscope
  • Computer visualization of protein structure and dynamics
  • Live-cell imaging of cell division in yeast
  • Ion transport across the membrane from a structural perspective

Department of Chemistry

chem lab

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Laboratory and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

science talk

Science Talk and Hands-on Workshop/Demonstration (IR Panadol, PVA Slime)

Department of Earth Sciences

geo museum

Guided tour at Stephen Hui Geological Museum


 Department of Mathematics

math workshop        Science talk and hands-on workshop



Department of Physics

Astronomical Observatory

Astronomical Observatory

Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science

Science talk and admission talk on BSc(AC) programme

Science Talk and Admissions Talk on BSc(AC) Programme

Application procedures:

  1. Please submit the application by completing the online form.
  2. Unfilled slots will remain open for application on first-come-first-served basis. Visit will be cancelled if no applications were received 1 week before the scheduled date.

*Campus visit will not be arranged in 2020-21 due to the unpredictable development of COVID-19.