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Minor in Science Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

One of the key reasons leading to the failure of most of the startups from universities in Hong Kong is the lack of entrepreneurial skillset and mindset. Graduates, especially those from MSc and PhD, form startups with their technologies but without much knowledge of market situation, customers’ needs/preferences, and most importantly, a well-structured founding team. This minor programme in Science Entrepreneurship is to fill this gap for students.

It is believed that students will learn in the classroom mainly the foundation of what they need to know for their future venture. Students actually also need to learn the current industrial practice and updated situation in the real world and build a useful business network before they found their own startups. Therefore, it is necessary to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem with other units/faculties/departments in HKU and industrial practitioners to help our students.

One of the major initiatives for building the HKU entrepreneurship ecosystem is the “Entrepreneurship Seminar Series” that is designed for equipping our students, entrepreneurs-to-be and entrepreneurs in HKU community for their business venture by some heavyweight experts and founders in startup industry to share their expertise knowledge and invaluable experiences in the areas from idea formation to exit strategy.


 DateTitleSpeakerPresentation file
130-Oct-20Why should I invest in your company

Dr. Wai Shun Lo

Partner of DL Capitals

227-Nov-20The Dos and Don'ts: when you start a startup

Mr. Adrian Lai

Founder and CEO of Liquefy

3TBCHow to communicate to your co-founder, colleague, investors, customers, shareholders

Prof. Tina Choi

International Project Director of Pan-Asia Venture Development Platform

4TBCCompany valuation and exit strategy

Dr. Gordon Yen

Partner of Radiant Venture Capital