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Minor in Science Entrepreneurship


Programme Prerequisite

Students who are interested to enroll in this programme will have to go through the selection procedures (e.g., interviews)


Selection Criteria

  • General expectation

    • Students have strong desire to form their own companies

  • Bonus points

    • Students have entrepreneurial experience, e.g. forming startup or attending business competitions…etc.

    • Students have already partnered with other students to form a very strong team

    • Students come with an excellent idea/product

  • Preferred students

    • Year 3 students

      • Complete the Minor in the 1st semester of Year 4 , start fundraising in the 2nd semester, and then graduate

      • Investor will not need to wait for them for another year to operate the company

  • Would also consider

    • Year 4 students

      • They should make a decision to defer one semester in order to complete the Minor

    • Year 2 students

      • They need to show their specialties, e.g. any of the bonus points mentioned above


Selection Procedures

  • The quota for this Minor programme is 20 for students from all faculties

  • To help students to build a better team, it is recommended for each student to write and submit a one- page proposal to Dr. Rocky Law via email to, showing:

    • Who you are

    • Name, Student No., Faculty, Major, Year of Study, email address, Tel No., Date

    • How special you are

    • Why you should be chosen, e.g. because you have:

      • excellent team (preferably including at least science, engineering, business students…etc.)

      • excellent idea

      • excellent experience…etc  

    • Interview will be arranged after receiving one page proposal
    • Students will be notified the result in late June