General Coursework Requirement

MPhil students & 4-year PhD students
The coursework component is compulsory for all MPhil students and 4-Year PhD students, unless exemption is granted by the Board of Graduate Studies under exceptional circumstances. For details, please refer to the homepage of Graduate School.
3-year PhD students
3-year PhD students are generally not required by the degree regulations and procedures to complete coursework component. However, 3-year PhD students are required to note the following:
  1. students registered on September 1, 2011 and thereafter are required to take the Graduate School course GRSC6009 Research Ethics for Graduate Students before the end of the probationary period if they have not yet completed equivalent training in previous research degree programmes; and
  2. students are required to take the compulsory course 'SSAF6001'. Some departments may have an internal policy to require students to complete a number of courses as part of the degree requirement. Please consult your home departmental office for details. Students may take courses offered to MPhil and 4-year PhD students if they find that the course(s) is/are relevant to their studies. Once they are officially enrolled in the course, they will be assessed like all other students in class and their results including failures will be printed on their transcripts.
SSAF6001 Basic Laboratory Safety Course for RPG candidates in Faculty of Science (Compulsory course)
Starting from academic year 2010-11, the 3-hour safety course (SSAF6001), offered by the Safety Office, is a compulsory course to research postgraduate students of the following registration dates:
- MPhil candidates registered on or after January 1, 2009
- 3-year PhD candidates registered on or after January 1, 2008
- 4-year PhD candidates registered on or after January 1, 2007
The safety course will be conducted twice a year (i.e. in September and January).  You may register this course during the on-line course enrolment period nearer the time.
Safety Course SSAF6001 is treated as an independent course of the Faculty that RPG candidates are required to complete this course before candidature could be confirmed. Departmental courses only refers to departmental core and elective courses, in other words, completing at least 50% of departmental courses does not count SSAF6001.