Postgraduates - Introduction

The Faculty of Science boasts a long history of excellence in basic research and a team of outstanding scholars from around the world with a wide range of research expertise. In recent years, the Faculty has also placed increasing emphasis on and achieved remarkable progress in applied and strategic areas of research.

The goal of the Faculty is to train the next generation of science and scientifically aware graduates and through its teaching and research to add significantly to scientific knowledge and practice. It provides a wide range of postgraduate coursework programmes and research programmes to over 500 research students in many fields of study, from over 13 countries.

The Faculty brings together one School and five Departments, namely, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics and Actuarial Sciences. The School of Biological Sciences, encompassing divisions of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science, Ecology and Biodiversity, Endocrinology, and Microbiology, was established in 2007. In replacement of the old biological sciences departments of Botany, Ecology and Biodiversity, and Zoology, the reorganized structure of the School will better reflect the interdisciplinarity and diversity of biological sciences research. A number of research centres, as well as affiliations with external organizations within Hong Kong and further abroad, have also been established. In addition, members of the Faculty have extensive research interactions with the Government and industry sectors.

The Faculty has some of the best equipped and modern research laboratories available within the region. Students also enjoy access to the University’s library facilities which compare admirably with those of leading international institutions.

The Faculty attracts a significant portion of the total research funds awarded to the University from the Research Grant Council (RGC) General Research Fund, RGC Co-operative Research Centres Scheme and the Innovation and Technology Fund. In addition to such research income, the Faculty has successfully secured grants from research contracts and funding from a variety of sources.

Research Programmes

Research Programmes
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Swire Institute of Marine Science
  • Emerging Strategic Research Theme