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Teaching Staff

Professor CHYE, Mee Len

Professor CHYE, Mee Len

School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

BSc (Malaya); PhD (Melbourne)

  • 2299 0319
  • 2559 9114
  • KBSB 7S14

Teaching Areas

  • Plant & Food Biotechnology
  • Plant Cell Biology & Cell Technology

Research Interests

  • Plant lipids
  • Plant isoprenoids
  • Stress-tolerant crops
  • Plant bioreactors
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Plant molecular biology

Current Research

  • Plant acyl-CoA-binding proteins
  • Plant lipid metabolism
  • Phytosterols





Research Team

Lab members

Team members supported by NSFC-RGC JRS 2018/19 -(N_HKU744/18), AoE/M05/12, AoE/M-403/16, General Research Grant awards, and SKL of Agrotechnology (CUHK).


  • Croucher Senior Research Fellowship (Croucher Foundation) 2007/2008
  • Edward Clarence Dyason Universitas 21 Fellowship 2004/2005

Publications and News

  • Publication list:


HKU press releases:

  • HKU researchers generate tomatoes with enhanced antioxidant properties by genetic engineering (9/11/17)

  • Enhancing drought tolerance in plants:

Nikkei Asia Review (13/1/16)

  • HKU scientists discover a drought tolerance gene that may help plants survive global warming (22/11/15):