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Name Title Teaching / Research Areas Tel / Email
ASHTON, Louise Amy (Dr.) ASHTON, Louise Amy (Dr.) Assistant Professor Area of research: Tropical rainforest biodiversity, rainforest canopy ecology and climate change impacts on insect communities 2299 0313 /
BAKER, David Michael (Dr.) BAKER, David Michael (Dr.) Assistant Professor Coral Reef Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Stable Isotope Ecology, Symbiosis, Global Change, Marine Pollution 2299 0606 /
BONEBRAKE, Timothy Carlton (Dr.) BONEBRAKE, Timothy Carlton (Dr.) Associate Professor Global Change, Conservation Biology, Tropical Ecology, Natural History, Urban Ecosystems, Climate, Biogeography, Lepidoptera 3917 7830 /
CANNICCI, Stefano (Dr.) CANNICCI, Stefano (Dr.) Associate Director of SWIMS and Associate Professor Teaching areas :
Marine invertebrates diversity

Research areas :
Mangrove ecology and conservation, behavioural ecology of intertidal crabs, evolutionary biology of intertidal and terrestrial crabs
2299 0673 /
CHAN, Chi Bun (Dr.) CHAN, Chi Bun (Dr.) Assistant Professor Teaching areas :
Human physiology, Molecular biology, Endocrinology, Metabolism
2299 0823 /
CHAN, Janet Kit Yan (Dr.) CHAN, Janet Kit Yan (Dr.) Lecturer Teaching areas/interests :
Environmental quality management; Research methods and report writing in environmental management; Environmental health risk assessment and toxicology; Environmental field studies and experiential learning
2299 0614 /
CHOW, Billy Kwok Chong (Prof.) CHOW, Billy Kwok Chong (Prof.) Professor, Chair of Endocrinology Endocrinology of brain-gut peptides, pleiotropic activities of secretin in our body, evolution of GHRH/PACAP peptides and receptors 2299 0850 /
CHYE, Mee Len (Prof.) CHYE, Mee Len (Prof.) Wilson and Amelia Wong Professor in Plant Biotechnology and Professor of Stress-tolerant crops, plant bioreactors, plant lipids & isoprenoids, agricultural biotechnology, plant molecular biology 2299 0319 /
DINGLE, Caroline (Dr.) DINGLE, Caroline (Dr.) Senior Lecturer Teaching and Research Interests :
Environmental science, global change, evolution, urban ecology, tropical biodiversity, behavioural ecology, animal communication, conservation genetics
2299 0674 /
DUDGEON, David (Prof.) DUDGEON, David (Prof.) Professor: Chair of Ecology and Biodiversity Freshwater ecology and biodiversity conservation 2299 0602 /
EL-NEZAMI, Hani (Dr.) EL-NEZAMI, Hani (Dr.) Associate Professor -Food safety and toxicology with special focus on natural carcinogens;  

-Transplacental transfer of toxins and disease development later in life;

-Probiotics and the prevention of liver and metabolic syndrome diseases
2299 0835 /
GAITÁN-ESPITIA, Juan Diego (JD) (Dr.) GAITÁN-ESPITIA, Juan Diego (JD) (Dr.) Assistant Professor Research Area/Clusters:
Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, Global Change

Keywords Research:
Evolutionary ecology, Eco-physiology, Functional and comparative genomics, Quantitative genetics, Climate change biology
2299 0637 /
GU, Jidong (Dr.) GU, Jidong (Dr.) Associate Professor Environmental microbiology, and environmental toxicology, bacterial metabolic pathways, plasmid biology of Vibrio species, biochemical processed of phytoremediation 2299 0605 /
GUÉNARD, Benoit (Dr.) GUÉNARD, Benoit (Dr.) Assistant Professor Teaching interests :
Terrestrial Ecology, Entomology, Insects & Human Societies

Research interests :
Biodiversity & Biogeography, Community Ecology, Biological Invasions, Urban Ecology, Insect Ecology, Paleoentomology, Foraging Ecology
2299 0665 /
HABIMANA, Olivier (Dr.) HABIMANA, Olivier (Dr.) Assistant Professor Teaching area :
Food Safety and Quality Management

Research areas:
Food Microbiology / Food Safety, Biofilms, Biofouling, Microbioal Ecology, Bioadhesion, Antifouling Biomimetic Surfaces, and Antibiofilm Treatment Strategies
2299 0312 /
LEE, Jetty Chung Yung (Dr.) LEE, Jetty Chung Yung (Dr.) Assistant Professor Teaching/Research areas :
Lipid Oxidation Products and Biomarkers
Antioxidant and Oxidative Stress in Human Nutrition
Fatty Acid Metabolites and Lipidomics
2299 0318 /
LEUNG, Kenneth Mei Yee (Prof.) LEUNG, Kenneth Mei Yee (Prof.) Interim Director and Professor Aquatic toxicology and ecophysiology, ecological risk assessment and quantitative ecology 2299 0607 /
LIM, Wallace Boon Leong (Dr.) LIM, Wallace Boon Leong (Dr.) Associate Professor - Agricultural biotechnology and biofuels

- Carbon and phosphorus metabolisms of plants and microbes

- Plant and microbial phosphatases
2299 0826 /
LO, Clive Sze Chung (Dr.) LO, Clive Sze Chung (Dr.) Associate Professor Biosynthesis and metabolic engineering of natural products in crop plants (rice, sorghum, tomato), plant biochemistry and molecular biology 2299 0337 /
LOUIE, Jimmy Chun Yu (Dr.) LOUIE, Jimmy Chun Yu (Dr.) Assistant Professor Research areas :
Dietary management of diabetes; carbohydrate metabolism; glycemic index of foods; coffee as a functional food; nutritional epidemiology; nutritional metabolomics; use of smartphone apps in nutritional interventions
2299 0677 /
LUI, Wing Yee (Dr.) LUI, Wing Yee (Dr.) Associate Professor Cytokine-mediated cell-cell adhesion, regulation of cell junction restructuring, transcription regulation of E3 ligases, ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation in the testis 2299 0804 /
RUSSELL, Bayden (Dr.) RUSSELL, Bayden (Dr.) Associate Director of SWIMS and Associate Professor Teaching/Research interests :
Marine Ecology (particularly subtidal), Climate Change and Nutrient Pollution impacts in marine ecosystems, herbivore and algal ecophysiology, Ecosystem Phase-shifts, Sustainable Aquaculture Production
2299 0680 /
SADOVY, Yvonne (Prof.) SADOVY, Yvonne (Prof.) Professor Ichthyology, fisheries management and conservation of reef fishes, reproductive biology of fishes especially in respect of hermaphroditism 2299 0603 /
SAUNDERS, Richard (Prof.) SAUNDERS, Richard (Prof.) Professor Systematics, phylogenetics, pollination ecology and breeding systems of angiosperms, with emphasis on early-divergent lineages including the Annonaceae 2299 0608 /
SCHUNTER, Celia M (Dr.) SCHUNTER, Celia M (Dr.) Assistant Professor Ecological genomics, transcriptomics & epigenomics of adaptation, response to environmental change, transgenerational inheritance, and environmental effects on behaviour and the brain in marine organisms 2299 0304 /
SHAH, Nagendra Prasad (Prof.) SHAH, Nagendra Prasad (Prof.) Professor Dairy foods, probiotics, prebiotics and functional foods, bioactive peptides, food fermentation 2299 0836 /
SIN, Simon Yung Wa (Dr.) SIN, Simon Yung Wa (Dr.) Assistant Professor Research Areas:
Animal coloration, behavioural ecology, conservation genomics, evolutionary biology, gene family evolution, genotype-phenotype association, host-pathogen co-evolution and mate choice
2299 0825 /
SOBKO, Tanja (Dr.) SOBKO, Tanja (Dr.) Assistant Professor Research Areas: Nutrition, Sports Nutrition. Lifestyle modifications with special emphasis on childhood obesity; wellness / health enhancement and communication 2299 0611 /
VENGATESEN, Thiyagarajan (Rajan) (Dr.) VENGATESEN, Thiyagarajan (Rajan) (Dr.) Associate Professor -Ocean acidification

-Environmental Proteomics

-Biofouling: Larval Biology

-Oyster Fishery and Aquaculture
2299 0601 /
WAN, Jennifer Man Fan (Dr.) WAN, Jennifer Man Fan (Dr.) Associate Professor Chinese medicine, dietary lipids and cancer, antioxidants and immune function, proteomics & nutrigenomics 2299 0838 /
WANG, Ming Fu (Dr.) WANG, Ming Fu (Dr.) Associate Professor Functional foods, natural products, Maillard reaction, natural product chemistry, instrumental analysis, food chemistry. 2299 0338 /
WILLIAMS, Gray (Prof.) WILLIAMS, Gray (Prof.) Director of SWIMS and Professor Intertidal ecology, herbivore-autotroph interactions, behaviour and ecophysiology of intertidal species, especially molluscs 2299 0604 /
WONG, Alice Sze Tsai (Prof.) WONG, Alice Sze Tsai (Prof.) Professor Molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate normal ovarian function and the development of ovarian cancer 2299 0865 /
WONG, Anderson On Lam (Prof.) WONG, Anderson On Lam (Prof.) Professor Neuroendocrine regulation and signal transduction mechanisms for pituitary hormone expression in fish models 2299 0863 /
YAN, Aixin (Dr.) YAN, Aixin (Dr.) Associate Professor -Microbial Stress Response to Oxygen Limitation;

-Genetics, Biochemistry

-Regulation of Antibiotic Resistance
2299 0864 /
YASUHARA, Moriaki (Dr.) YASUHARA, Moriaki (Dr.) Associate Professor Climatic influences on marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Human-induced marine ecosystem degradation. Deep-sea ecology and paleoecology . Abrupt climate changes and intermediate-water circulation. Marine macroecology. Quaternary paleoceanography 2299 0317 /
YIP, Wing Kin (Dr.) YIP, Wing Kin (Dr.) Associate Professor Plant biochemistry, regulation of plant hormone ethylene biosynthesis, co-product cyanide detoxification, ethylene signal transduction 2299 0328 /
YUEN, Karen Wing Yee (Dr.) YUEN, Karen Wing Yee (Dr.) Assistant Professor Teaching interests :
Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry

Research interests :
Cell Division, Chromosome Segregation, Centromere/Kinetochore Formation and Propagation, Genome Instability in Cancers, Epigenetics, Cell Cycle Regulation
2299 0848 /
ZHAI, Yuanliang (Dr.) ZHAI, Yuanliang (Dr.) Assistant Professor Regulation of DNA replication in eukaryotes, cryo-electron microscopy in structure determination, and optical super-resolution imaging 2299 0653 /
ZHANG, Jiangwen (Dr.) ZHANG, Jiangwen (Dr.) Associate Professor Teaching interests :
Molecular Biology and high through-put 'omics'

Research interests :
Integrated analysis of epigenetic regulation, gene regulatory network, and signaling pathway in development and tumorigenesis with 'omics' and systems biology
2299 0341 /