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Climate change in Asia environmental change in the Pearl River delta (HKU707109P) Climate change in Tibetan Plateau (HKU700109P)
Professor Yongqiang Zong

Ice age eeodynamics: construction of new global Ice thickness history model with composite rheology
Professor Patrick Wu

Submarine groundwater discharge in Tolo Harbor, Hong Kong, and its implications on red tide outbreaks
Professor Jimmy Jiao

Tectonic and geochemical study of central Asian orogenic belt 
Professor Min Sun

A Paleo-Mesoproterozoic supercontinent and its record in North China - A project won State Natural Science Award (Second Class) in 2014
Professor Guochun Zhao and Professor Min Sun

Provenance and depositional environment of late Neoproterozoic to early Cambrian sedimentary rocks of South China
Professor Mei-fu Zhou

Reconstructing & Understanding Cenozoic Climatic & Environmental Changes on Various Timescales

Dr Zhonghui Liu

Understanding the geodynamic processes associated with the permian mafic magmatic suites of “Northern India”  

Dr Jason Ali

How Large Suite of Mammals Got to Madagascar? 

Dr Jason Ali

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