Research posters (Statistics & Actuarial Science) - 1

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The buffered (hysteretic) process: a new type of threshold time series model

Professor Wai Keung Li

Optimal mixtures of estimators with different convergence rates

Professor Lee Man Sing Stephen

Valuation of equity-linked insurance products 

Professor Hailiang Yang

Novel phase I clinical trial designs to improve dose finding and enhance patient safety in oncology 

Professor Guosheng Yin

Statistical Test for Genomic Imprinting

Professor Fung Wing Kam Tony

Actuarial Analysis of Dependent Risks: Optimal Dividends, Investment and Reinsurance

Professor K C Yuen

Spectral analysis of random matrices and applications 

Professor Jeff Jianfeng Yao

A unified framework for bridging the gap between nonparametric and parametric interferences based on ranking data

Dr Philip Yu

Generalizations of Gerber-Shiu function and discounted aggregate claim costs in insurance risk theory

Dr Eric Chi Kin Cheung

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