Research projects (Mathematics) - 1

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On Perron-Frobenius Theory for multivariate Markov Chains with applications

Professor Ching Wai-Ki

Intrinsic formalism of the calculus of variations

Professor W.S. Cheung

Geometry on subvarieties of bounded symmetric domains and their quotient manifolds and on fibered spaces over them

Professor N. Mok

On the poisson geometry of flag varieties and Bott-Samelson resolutions

Professor Jiang-hua Lu

Additive equations in primes and almost primes

Professor Kai Man Tsang

Zero distributions of derivatives of polynomials: deterministic and random

Professor T.W. Ng

Minimum Hitting Sets and beyond

Professor Wenan Zang

Sign Changes and the Construction of Supersingular Elliptic Curves 

Dr Ben Kane

Randomized Methods in Large-Scale Optimization 

Dr Zheng Qu

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