Research projects (Biological Sciences) - 1

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Fishing groupers towards extinction

Professor Yvonne Sadovy

Centre for Marine Environmental Research and Innovative Technology

Professor Rudolf Wu

Looking for biodiversity? Follow the ants

Dr Benoit Guénard

New plant growth technology that may alleviate climate change and food shortage

Dr Wallace Lim

Transmembrane peptides as modulators of GPCR oligomers and its effects on water-salt homeostasis

Professor Billy K. C. Chow

A role of secretin in fat uptake in enterocytes and breakdown in adipocytes

Professor Billy K. C. Chow

Secretin in mouse cerebellar Purkinje cells is responsible for regulating motor coordination and learning

Professor Billy K. C. Chow

Influences of temperature and salinity on the physicochemical properties and toxicities of nano zinc oxide to marine organisms

PI: Professor Kenneth Leung

Ecology and biodiversity of benthic marine ecosystems before and after the trawling ban in Hong Kong coastal waters (A)

PC: Professor Kenneth Leung


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