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Using nature’s cosmic telescopes to unveil the universe’s darkest secrets

Dr Lim Jim Leong Jeremy

Magnetic fields in stellar remnants

Dr Ng Chi Yung Stephen

Physics close to absolute zero temperature

Dr Shizhong Zhang

"Ghost Particles" at the Daya Bay Reactor: Neutrino experiment

Dr John K C Leung and Dr Jason C S Pun 

All that glitter is not gold: Studying light pollution in Hong Kong  

Dr Jason C S Pun
, Mr Chu Wing So & Mr Wai Yan Leung


Encapsulation of next generation solar cells for high humidity environments
Professor A B Djurišić


What quantum information processing capabilities can be inferred from incomplete description of quantum states and quantum operators

Professor H F Chau

Field effects in all-manganite p-n junctions composed with n-type La1-xHfxMnO3 perovskite

Professor Ju Gao

Order O(1) algorithm for first-principles transient current through open systems

Professor Jian Wang

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