Undergraduate Students Promoting Science Literacy in the Society


Promoting science literacy is a central goal for the science education community. With this deep-rooted belief, HKU Science Outreach Team (SORT) has been dedicated to enhancing public understanding in science and helping talented students to embark on a journey in science exploration. Over the past few years, the team has reached over 6,000 students in local community, Mainland China and Taiwan.

Hoping to sow ‘seeds of interest in science’ among young generation, SORT organizes an array of science themed activities for both primary and secondary school students. In 2014-15, it conducted experiment demonstrations and organized quiz competition, guided eco-tour and service trip of serving overseas primary schools. The team found promoting daily life science exceptionally meaningful and interesting. “Learning science is never an easy task. Promoting science is even more challenging. Yet, science is all around us. As a science student, I am happy to show others some fun science facts and experiments,” said a team member.