HKU Faculty of Science obtained new accreditation for the Majors of Ecology & Biodiversity and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

January 29, 2018
  • Two science Majors obtained accreditation from the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), UK

    Two science Majors obtained accreditation from the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), UK

The 6901 Bachelor of Science Programme, offered by the Faculty of Science, has been conferred accreditation of its Ecology & Biodiversity and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Majors by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), UK, for the purpose of meeting in part the academic and experience requirement for the Membership and Chartered Biologist (CBiol).

The Ecology & Biodiversity Major is the first programme of its type accredited by RSB in Asia. Enhancement of the two Majors will be reflected in the curriculum starting from September 2018, and the intake of cohort 2018-19 will be able to apply for the accredited options of these two Majors.

The two Majors have been accredited by RSB following an independent and rigorous assessment. International Accredited degree programmes contain a solid academic foundation in biological knowledge and key skills, and prepare graduates to address the needs of employers. The accreditation criteria require evidence that graduates from accredited programmes meet defined sets of learning outcomes, including subject knowledge, technical ability and transferable skills. Graduates from accredited programmes will receive one year of guest membership of the Royal Society of Biology at Associate level. This will help graduates to stay up to date with what is happening across the life sciences, gain additional recognition for their skills and experience, develop their professional network and demonstrate their support for the future of biology.

Professor David Dudgeon, Director of the School of Biological Sciences, is delighted with the recognition received. "The RSB accreditation reflects very well on the two Majors offered by the School of Biological Sciences demonstrating that they reach recognised international benchmarks, and offer high-quality learning experiences for students. It is gratifying that our Ecology & Biodiversity Major, which is unique among Hong Kong universities, has gained this accreditation, while recognition of the rigor of our Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Major provides a good reason for students to select this major over competing offerings at other local universities," he remarked.

The Royal Society of Biology is the leading professional body for the biological sciences in the United Kingdom. The Society represents over 17,000 biologists from all areas of the life sciences, as well as over 100 organisations which make up the diverse landscape of biology in the UK and overseas. It offers members unique opportunities to engage with the life sciences and share their passion for biology. 

Field trip of Ecology & Biodiversity Major at HKU School of Biological Sciences.


Laboratory work regarding molecular biology & biotechnology at HKU School of Biological Sciences.

Jan 29, 2018