UBC Summer Course for Science Students

  • Welcome dinner

    Welcome dinner

The Faculty of Science has been co-organizing a summer course with The University of British Columbia (UBC) since 2012 summer. Students will be required to stay in UBC for two weeks. Students will be living within the UBC campus. Some form of assessment will be arranged both in UBC and in HK.


This year, the course is a parallel run of two programs, namely (1) SCNC2121 Sustainable Food Production and (2) SCNC2122 Marine Life Science: a North East Pacific Perspective. All 4-year curriculum BSc students are welcome to join (subject to pre-requisites). But priority will be given to second year students.

(1) Sustainable Food Production

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm, which is a world-class academic resource for modeling the design and function of sustainable communities and their ecological support systems, will offer a two-week short course in sustainable food systems within a living laboratory of teaching gardens, farm fields, biodiverse hedgerows, and agroforestry trails. Students are invited to discover the connections between urban populations and the ecosystems that support human health; expand their understanding of where our food comes from at global, regional, and local scales; build a foundation of essential skills for feeding self and family; and deepen their awareness of best practices for sustainable food systems.

(2) Marine Life Science: a North East Pacific Perspective

Hong Kong and Vancouver both sit on the shores of the Pacific Ocean basin, and whilst they are both historically linked as ports, and heavily influenced by the oceans currents and resulting weather patterns, there are also great differences between the east and west coasts of this huge ocean. Marine Life Science is an integrated study of how the oceans influence large and small scale patterns of marine biology through biophysical interactions. Using the temperate cold waters of the North East Pacific Ocean as a study area, students will learn to appreciate the dynamics of marine biodiversity, the complex interactions between the physical and biological components, and the services the oceans provide to human society. This two-week field trip, combined with lectures, demonstrations and group discussions, will provide an excellent opportunity for HKU students to experience the diversity of marine life on the other side of the Pacific, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Island.



Please apply through Moodle ( by January 31, 2016.


Please note that students are responsible for obtaining their own valid visa to Canada if it is needed.

Air Ticket

The Faculty of Science will arrange group air ticket from HK to Vancouver and return.

Further Information

Details about the course including logistics arrangements like insurance and travel information can be found in Moodle ( Enquiries can be sent to Dr Anisia Tang (

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