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MATH 6001 Guided study in mathematics (COMPULSORY)
MATH 6002 Selected topics in mathematics
MATH 6101 Intermediate complex analysis
MATH 6102 Algebraic topology
MATH 6103 Real analysis I
MATH 6104 Abstract algebra
MATH 6105 Numerical analysis
MATH 6201 Topics in geometry
MATH 6202 Complex manifolds
MATH 6203 Several complex variables
MATH 6204 Topics in partial differential equations
MATH 6205 Advanced algebra II
MATH 6206 Topics in advanced algebra
MATH 6207 Topics in applied mathematics
MATH 6208 Topics in numerical analysis
MATH 6209 Algebraic D-modules
MATH 6210 Differential Topology
MATH 6211 Algebraic Geometry
MATH 6212 Topics in Algebraic Geometry
MATH 6213 Topics in differential topology
MATH 6214 Topics in analysis
MATH 6215 Applied differential equations
MATH 6216 Stochastic processes
MATH 6217 Topics in financial mathematics
MATH 6218 Riemannian Geometry I
MATH 6219 Topics in applied functional analysis
MATH 6220 Real analysis II
MATH 6221 Riemannian geometry II
MATH 6222 Harmonic analysis on p-adic groups and Lie algebra
MATH 6223 Algebraic surfaces
MATH 6224 Topics in advanced probability theory
MATH 6501 Topics in algebra
MATH 6502 Topics in applied discrete mathematics
MATH 6503 Topics in mathematical programming and optimization
MATH 6504 Geometric topology
MATH 6505 Real analysis
MATH 6901 Graduate seminar in pure mathematics
MATH 6902 Graduate seminar in applied mathematics
MATH 6903 Independent studies