Public Lecture: The Rules of Sex

Date: April 5, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 5:30 pm (light refreshments from 5 pm)
Venue: Lecture Theatre CBA, Chow Yei Ching Building, Main Campus, HKU
Medium: English
Speaker: Professor Olivier Kah
Emeritus Research Director
National Centre for Scientific Research, France


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  • Public Lecture: The Rules of Sex


There is no greater mystery in the whole world than the existence of the sexes, more especially since the discovery of Parthenogenesis (Charles Darwin, 1860). Indeed, the existence of sex and its maintenance over more than a billion years are still open to speculation. While it is considered that sexual reproduction is twice as costly as asexual reproduction, sex also comes with a number of constraints that make it much more complex than asexual reproduction. Yet, most species use sexual reproduction to generate new individuals. This lecture will discuss some aspects of the evolution of sex and sexuality in animals, including humans. 

About the speaker

Professor Olivier Kah is the Emeritus Research Director of National Centre for Scientific Research in France. He received his training at the University of Bordeaux, France and the University of Alberta, Canada. For 40 years, Professor Kah has been interested in the complex mechanisms underlying reproduction. Over the last ten years, his team has focused on the roles of hormones in the development and plasticity of the brain. Professor Kah is author of more than 300 publications and has delivered more than 200 lectures. 

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