Science Enrichment Programmes for Secondary School Students

As part of our commitment to community involvement, the Faculty is dedicated to promoting science literacy and serving the wider society. We offer 3 types of science hands-on enrichment programmes to senior secondary school students, including Junior Science Institute, Talk@MySchool Programme and Campus Visit. 

  Junior Science Institute

Thirty-two hands-on learning workshops in different science disciplines for F.4, F.5 and F.6 students and international schoool students of equivalent level.
本年度共有 32 個科學工作坊供高中學生參加。

Talk@MySchool Programme

We deliver science and admission talks at both local and international schools. Fifty-three topics ranging from recent scientific discoveries to thematic science issues related to our daily life are available for selection. 
我們常於本地中學及國際學校舉辦科學及入學講座,所涉獵的熱門科學話題共 53個。

HKU Campus Visit

We welcome secondary schools to visit our campus and laboratories, exchanging with our members and enjoying the fun-filled science demonstrations.