Call for Class Representatives and Alumni Helpers

Call for Class Representatives and Alumni Helpers\

The Faculty is embarking on the preparatory work of our anniversary celebrations in 2019. We hope to achieve much from our celebration activities, while their success relies tremendously on the continuous support and participation of our alumni.

In celebration of our Oak Anniversary, a series of events have been tentatively planned ahead, and three working groups have been established under the Steering Committee to handle different aspects of preparation:

  • Alumni Engagement, Networking & Fundraising Sub-Committee;
  • Publication, Home-coming activities, Anniversary Dinner Sub-Committee;
  • Community & Outreach Projects Sub-Committee.

We sincerely hope that you can join us in this networking effort. We also invite you to serve as our class representative and help spread news of our events to your fellow classmates from time to time.

We hope, with your efforts and coordination, we will be able to foster our connection with generations of alumni again.

Interested parties please contact the Faculty Office at for more information. Thank you.