Winning Motto of the Best Motto Contest for HKU Science 80th Anniversary

HKU Science Oak Anniversary Logo

The bilingual Best Motto Contest for HKU Faculty of Science 80th Anniversary was concluded in the end of September. We are pleased to announce that both the “Most Popular Motto” and “Winning Motto” for the Best Motto Contest for HKU Faculty of Science 80th Anniversary go to our Physics alumnus Mr T C Wong (class of 1986).

Mr Wong’s winning motto “Science Founds Sapientia; Oak Sprouts Virtus” (明德於櫟;格物以理) endows meaning to our oak anniversary, linking the long established motto of the University “Sapientia et Virtus” and the unfailing quest for knowledge of generations of alumni in HKU Science Family. Talking about his inspiration on the motto, Mr Wong said, “The spirit of our University motto always lingers. There, I learnt symmetry. My work is to translate into English, with faithful parity, two simple Chinese verbs connecting ‘Oak’, ‘Science’ and ‘HKU’.”

We are impressed by the creativity of Mr Wong and are most honoured to have this winning entry as our official motto throughout our anniversary celebrations. Having consulted some botanists and ecologists in the university, we have also replaced the old oak logo with one of native species. We hope that this new logo with strong rooted oak will better represent HKU Science, our alumni and students.

May we offer our congratulations to Mr Wong, and once again, thanks for your support to the contest in the past few months.