Celebrating the Faculty of Science 80th Anniversary in 2019

Message from the Associate Dean


Professor Billy Chow, Associate Dean (Development and External Relations: Local), Faculty of ScienceCelebrating the Faculty of Science 80th Anniversary in 2019

It is my great pleasure to write to you. I am the Associate Dean in development and external relations. I would like to take this opportunity to remark the upcoming 80th anniversary of the Faculty of Science in 2019, a milestone yet a new page for us to review our achievements and position.

Usually in celebrating anniversaries, precious metals and gems are used to represent how significant the passing years are, but for the 80th anniversary, Oak is the chosen gift. Though the Oak tree takes years to reach full maturity, it produces one of the strongest types of wood available. In some cultures, the Oak symbolises great wisdom, knowledge and durability. Its towering noble strength shows its ability to endure and grow even in adverse conditions only because the roots dig deep into the ground and help the trunk establish a firm foundation. The alumni of the Faculty are the roots, allowing branches to reach out far for sustenance as the new leaves, our present students, to collect strength. We are all connected like every part of the tree is interrelated, and we all have our importance and roles to play.

We are living in changing times. We are given endless streams of information daily. Things that used to take many days to achieve can now be done in just minutes. We have more time to do more things and yet interpersonal relationships seem to be more challenging than ever before. Yes, we are connected at all the time through the Internet but conversations have been replaced with words on an app, and to show our emotions, a little picture is used.

We are missing real human connection: to our roots, to our shared beginnings.

Let's change this. Let's take this fantastic opportunity for us to group, connect, gather and celebrate our achievements, discuss our future plans. Not as an identity behind a touched up photo but person-to-person, one alumnus to another. This is a great chance for you and I to build a stronger alumni community in which all of us will play our roles to support the present and future growth of the Science Faculty that we are all proud of.

The Faculty is taking an initiative to strengthen our connection with generations of alumni. Let’s CONNECT and stay tuned for more alumni activities!

Billy K C Chow
Professor, Chair of Endocrinology, School of Biological Sciences
Associate Dean (Development and External Relations: Local), Faculty of Science, HKU