SCNC2988 Service Learning Internship

Course Information

SCNC2988 Service Learning Internship (0 credits) has been offered by the Faculty in the summer to Year 2 Science students of 3-year curriculum since academic year 2009-10. This course aims to offer students the opportunities to learn through active participation in organized service activities and to help develop their social consciousness and commitment so as to become a responsible citizen.

Year 2 Science students of 4-year curriculum can also apply for the Service Learning Internship to learn to serve others. Although you cannot enroll in the SCNC2988 course, you are also welcome to apply for the internship. A certificate of participation will be issued to students who completed the internship as recognition.

In this summer, with the help from the Gallent Ho Experiential Learning Centre, seven non-government organizations (NGOs) and two projects administered by CEDARS offered service learning internship opportunities:

  1. Agency for Volunteer Service
  2. Caritas Hong Kong - Youth and Community Service
  3. Chi Heng Foundation
  4. Regeneration Society
  5. The Child Development Centre
  6. Xinhui Children Welfare Home
  7. Youth Diabetes Action
  8. We are With You (WAY) Project - Fishing Community Oral History and Digital Storytelling
  9. We are With You (WAY) Project - Guided Tours for Fisherfolks’ Lifestyle and Culture - I am a Tour Guide

Remarks: More learning internship opportunities may be offered by other NGOs in due course. Details will be uploaded to the Faculty website and announced at the briefing session on March 28, 2014.

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