Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS)

The Swire Institute of Marine Science is under the Faculty and is located on the southernmost tip of the scenic Cape d'Aguilar peninsula, Hong Kong Island. It sits on the shores of Hong Kong's only Marine Reserve and is therefore ideally situated for research into the ecology of marine life in Hong Kong. It is the most modern marine facility in HK recognized internationally for its marine ecological studies. Accommodation is available in two residential blocks on the cliffs which overlook the laboratory and the outlying islands of the southern Hong Kong coast. 

The Institute provides a first class research environment for marine scientists and, especially, postgraduate students. As such, it has a wide range of field and laboratory facilities including an image analysis suite, an analytical laboratory, flow-through seawater aquarium, seawater system and aquarium, a reference library and a museum. 

Research Areas

Marine ecology, especially the behavioural and ecophysiological responses of marine organisms to environmental and anthropogenic stresses. Specific areas include grazer-algal interactions and rocky shore community structure; ecophysiology of marine invertebrates; fish behaviour and reproduction; fisheries and mariculture; environmental toxicology; bioremediation and ecological risk assessment. Research concentrates on intertidal, particularly rocky shore organisms; corals and reef fishes; octopuses and cuttlefish as well as subtidal benthos, with an overall focus on the effective management and conservation of marine resources.