Department of Mathematics

Research Areas

Major Research Areas

Pure Mathematics:

Affine algebraic geometry; commutative algebra; noncommutative algebra.

Complex analysis; differential and integral inequalities; differential equations; functional analysis; matrix theory; operator theory; partial differential equations; several complex variables.

Algebraic geometry; calculus of variations; complex geometry; differential geometry; exterior differential systems; finite geometry and combinatorial design; lie theory; poisson geometry; symplectic geometry.

Number Theory
Arithmetic functions; automorphic forms and L-functions; Riemann Zeta-function; Waring-Goldbach problems.

Applied Mathematics

Control Theory and Optimization
Combinatorics; control theory; graph theory; optimization; information and coding theory.

Operational Research and Scientific Computing
Mathematical modelling: numerical partial differential equations; operational research; scientific computing.

Interdisciplinary Mathematics
Bioinformatics; Computational fluid dynamics; financial mathematics; geophysics; mathematical biology; mathematical physics.