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HKU Junior Science Institute (JSI)


We offer fun-filled science workshops!

Junior Science Institute (JSI) was introduced by the Faculty in 2009. It offers science-rich experience to scientifically-inclined senior secondary school students. We have designed a series of hands-on learning programmes to offer participating students a wider exposure to different science disciplines all year round. Through a variety of inspiring workshops, laboratory exercises, field trips, public lectures and other interactive activities, participants are able to embark on a journey of science exploration. 

25 JSI workshops in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Statistics and Earth Sciences were offered in 2013-14. Over 800 secondary school students in Form 4 to Form 6 completed the programmes successfully. Students had an opportunity to broaden their horizon in various science disciplines. 

Let’s hear from our participants for their unique experience:

"JSI consists of many different workshops from various subjects related to science. It is very interesting and inspiring."

"I can learn science topics which are not taught in secondary school."

"We can get in touch with the undergraduate students to understand their life and we are able to experience the university life in HKU."

"It gives a precious opportunity for us to gain hands-on experience in science."


Slideshow of JSI workshops in previous years